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Water reservoirs system of houses and institutions in Dhaka city commonly consists of underground and overhead water tanks. It is directly related to the supply of safe and healthy water of drinking and household use of every day. Hence, it is extremely significant to keep these tanks clean and disinfected on a regular basis. The traditional tank cleaning methods practising by occasional labours and in an unhygienic manner is no more acceptable for this fast-growing city. World Health Organization (WHO) has given a clear guideline regarding the methods for regular cleaning and disinfecting of water reservoirs. Western countries and also our neighbouring Indian cities are coming under this service to save the citizen from tank pollution.

Healthy Tank BD has been providing this urgent and very important service with the quality, hygienic arrangement and scientific methods throughout Dhaka city since September 2013. And of course, we are serving with a very economical service charge.
Business Achievements/News We have served for more than 1200 Houses and 50 Institutions till January 2018. Healthy Tank BD has attended in “Uddokta Haat” on 15-17 Feb 2018 at WVA, Dhanmondi, Dhaka a fair for the entrepreneurs organized by the Facebook Group “Chakri Khujbo a Chakri Dibo”. And around 200 visitors appreciated the idea and put their interest to be served by Healthy Tank BD.

Summary of Primary Offering:


  1. Regular Cleaning and Disinfection of Water Reservoir Tanks (Underground & Overhead) Using modern technologies of High-pressure water jet machine (1750 PSI), UV-C radiation (250 nm appx), Vacuum Cleaner, Water Pumps, and with Safety assured work procedures.
  2. Complete Cleaning of Water pipe distribution System( Using air pressure and manual experiences)
  3. Water Tank Repairing (Using modern technologies and materials suitable for water tanks)


Our purpose

Ensuring healthy water reservoir system

We will provide your the healthy water reservoir system so that you can focus Your Time and Efforts on Running Your Business.

Purpose of Healthy Tank BD is to serve the inhabitants of the Dhaka city including our next generation with a complete healthy water reservoir system consist of healthy tanks, healthy pipes and even healthy tank structure.

Our Mission and Vision

Our core value is very clear, ‘Healthy Tank’ for all.

Healthy Tank BD always work to build a good awareness for healthy water impact on people’s health.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to spread this service in other metropolitan cities like Chittagong, Rajshahi, Sylhet, etc. gradually that are also suffering from the pollution of water reservoirs.

Our Vision

To contribute as much as possible to prevent regular harms and diseases where the pollution of water and sanitary reservoirs is responsible anyhow.


  • Technical Team: Two teams with capability of complete 02-04 no’s household work in a single day.
  • Marketing Team: 03(three) marketers covering mainly Dhaka South area (Badda, Gulshan, Rampura, Boshundhara, Malibag, Mogbazar,Khilgoan etc), Online marketing also covering Dhanmondi, Mirpur, Mohammadpur, Uttora etc.
  • Management Team: A manager and Two Supervisors take care of scheduling, Safety Checklist,purchasing etc.
  • An accounting online software (Smart Accounts) is being used for accounting as well as keeping records.

Key Processes:

  • Removing poisonous gas (Methane, Hydrogen Sulfide) from the water tank.
  • Emptying the tank within a short time using our pump.
  • Cleaning dirt, clay, fungi using a water jet machine.
  • Cleaning with vacuum cleaner.
  • Washing with standard as well as safe chemical spray( Its nothing but high quality combined detergent only) with huge water pressure to make the tank with minimum germ and bacteria for maximum duration.
  • Using UV (UV-C) light to kill germs.
  • After cleaning the tank handing it over to proper authority.
  • Providing a fast and efficient service using expert people.
  • Track and maintain a routine cleaning for your tanks regularly by every 3 months /6 months /12 months (If you are satisfied with our first service and assigned us for that) even if you have forgotten.
  • Providing pictured report of before and after work of the water tank based on your request(On demand).


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