Water Tank Cleaning Service

To ensure a healthy water reservoir system, Healthy Tank BD provides the best water tank cleaning service in Dhaka. But it is often difficult to get experienced and professional water tank cleaning service from any local provider. The traditional tank cleaning methods practised by occasional labours in an unhygienic manner in no more acceptable for a fast-growing city like Dhaka. It is high time to adopt new technologies, hygienic and scientific water tank cleaning method, and take safety measures for the regular cleaning and disinfection of water reservoir tanks. Healthy Tank BD is providing the best water tank cleaning service to ensure quality and safety with modern tools and technology throughout Dhaka city since September 2013.

Cleaning and Disinfection of Water Reservoir Tanks

Generally, the Water reservoirs system of houses and institutions in Dhaka city consists of underground and overhead water tanks. These underground and overhead water tanks are the direct sources of the drinking water and household use for the occupants. As we tend to use the water directly from this water reservoir tanks in our everyday chores, the regular Cleaning and Disinfection of Water Reservoir Tanks are extremely vital. 

Water Tank Cleaning service

World Health Organization (WHO) has given a clear guideline regarding the methods for regular cleaning and disinfecting of water reservoir Tanks. Following the guideline, Healthy Tank BD introduces  UVC (Ultra Violet Ray- band C) as the main aspiration of Cleaning and Disinfection of Water Reservoir Tanks. This disinfection process of using UVC (Ultra Violet Ray- band C) coming popular throughout the world for its convenient features and successful outcoming. Developed countries are already using this technology for a very long time. Even our neighbouring country-  India, introduced this feature in different cities to save the citizens from tank pollution.

Disinfection by UV Radiation

In the process of Cleaning and Disinfection, Healthy Tank BD uses ultraviolet light (UVC) in order to deactivate a wide range of pathogens that are often found in drinking water supplies and water reservoir tanks. Unlike chlorine, UV can also have the advantage of being effective against protozoa, including Cryptosporidium. The process relies on UV light being able to pass through the whole column of water requiring treatment with sufficient energy to inactivate the pathogens.

UVC light will also photo-oxidise some organic compounds, breaking them down into smaller molecules. This has some application in the treatment of compounds causing tastes and odours, pesticides and algal (Algae) toxins.

UV-light_for Water Tank Disinfection

How does UV work?

Ultraviolet or UV energy is found in the electromagnetic spectrum between visible light and x-rays and can best be described as invisible radiation. In order to kill microorganisms, the UV rays must actually strike the cell. UV energy penetrates the outer cell membrane, passes through the cell body and disrupts its DNA preventing reproduction. UV treatment does not alter water chemically; nothing is being added except energy. The sterilized microorganisms are not removed from the water. UV disinfection does not remove dissolved organics, inorganics or particles in the water.

Important variables for successful cleaning & disinfection

Although 100% destruction of microorganisms cannot be guaranteed, Healthy Tank BD will make it is possible to achieve 99.99% reduction in certain applications and with proper maintenance. For quality water tank cleaning service, Healthy Tank BD can guarantee the maximum destruction of microorganisms in your water tank. In order for a UV unit to successfully disinfect water, we will consider the following variables:

  • Water Quality
  • Ensuring enough UV exposure
  • Convert Bacteria cells into pyrogens
  • Vacuum Cleaner to dry off the inside
  • Using water pump to clean the tank

Key Processes of our water tank cleaning service

  • Removing poisonous gas (Methane, Hydrogen Sulfide) from the water tank.
  • Emptying the tank within a short time using our pump.
  • Cleaning dirt, clay, fungi using a water jet machine.
  • Cleaning with the vacuum cleaner.
  • Washing with standard as well as a safe chemical spray( Its nothing but high quality combined detergent only) with huge water pressure to make the tank with minimum germ and bacteria for maximum duration.
  • Using UV (UV-C) light to kill germs.
  • After cleaning the tank handing it over to the proper authority.
  • Providing a fast and efficient service using expert people.
  • Track and maintain a routine cleaning for your tanks regularly by every 3 months /6 months /12 months (If you are satisfied with our first service and assigned us for that) even if you have forgotten.
  • Providing a pictured report of before and after work of the water tank based on your request(On-demand).
Best water tank cleaning Service Provider

Healthy Tank BD uses modern technologies and follows the World Health Organization’s guidelines regarding the methods for regular Cleaning and Disinfection of Water Reservoir Tanks. We use High-pressure water jet machine (1750 PSI), UV-C radiation (250 nm), Vacuum Cleaner, Water Pumps and many different tools. We also ensure the safety of our team by assuring smooth work procedures and safety features. All of this makes the Healthy Tank BD your reliable and excellent choice when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting of your water reservoir Tank.