Cleaning of Water Pipe Distribution System

A reliable supply of clean and safe water is the first and most critical municipal service that people require. Operation and maintenance of water distribution systems should be done in a very complex environment with professionalism and numerous (and often conflicting) services to deliver. In Bangladesh, often these services are conducted by the unprofessional parties which often results in dangororus accidents or mediocre service. As a result, frequent maintenance of the system becomes mandatory. Healthy Tank BD can provide this sophisticated Operation and maintenance service of cleaning of Water Pipe and Distribution System. 

Water Tank Cleaning service
Cleaning Water Pipe Distribution System

Healthy Tank BD uses all the modern technologies, tools and materials which is suitable for water tanks to repair and regular maintenance of the system.

Advantages of Cleaning of Water Pipe Distribution System

  • Maintaining the supply of drinking-water to consumers
  • Inactivates disease bacteria
  • Maintaining integrity to prevent the entry of external contaminants;
  • Cleans piping and equipment of dirt and debris
  • Maintaining conditions to minimize the growth of microbial pathogens
  • Helps to prevent against bio-film formation
  • To avoid pipe corrosion

World Health Organization (WHO) has given a clear guideline regarding the methods for regular Cleaning of Water Pipe Distribution System. Following the guideline, Healthy Tank BD introduces  UVC (Ultra Violet Ray- band C) as the main aspiration of Cleaning and Disinfection of Water Reservoir Tanks. This disinfection process of using UVC (Ultra Violet Ray- band C) coming popular throughout the world for its convenient features and successful outcoming. Developed countries are already using this technology for a very long time. Even our neighbouring country-  India, introduced this feature in different cities to save the citizens from tank pollution.

Best water tank cleaning Service Provider

Healthy Tank BD uses modern technologies and maintains proffesionalism regarding the methods for Cleaning of Water Pipe Distribution System. We use High-pressure water jet machine (1750 PSI), UV-C radiation (250 nm), Vacuum Cleaner, Water Pumps and many different tools. We also ensure the safety of our team by assuring smooth work procedures and safety features. All of this makes the Healthy Tank BD your reliable and excellent choice when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting of your water reservoir Tank.